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Toxic and Poisonous Substances

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Toxic and Poisonous Substances


Contains works on toxic and poisonous substances. Largely composed of the Government of Canada's Priority substances list assessment report.


Substance Toxicity Reports

Items in the Toxic and Poisonous Substances Collection

This guide gives building owners, managers, workers, and other key building staff basic information on how to develop and carry out high-quality operations and maintenance programs for managing asbestos in place to safeguard the health of all…

Discusses the proposal by Field Sawmill to store PBCs (Polychlorinated biphenylso) n-site on Dyke Road, Courtenay, next to the Courtenay River.

This report presents key findings and assumptions of a risk assessment of humans, wildlife, and aquatic life to dioxins and furans formed during chlorine bleaching at kraft and sulfite pulp and paper mills. Worker risk, disposal risk, incineration…

A report that summarizes the current scientific knowledge of concentrations of toxic chemicals in the Great lakes, and the associated effects on the fish, humans, and wildlife living in the basin.

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