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Discusses estuaries and birds in estuaries.

A factsheet on oil pollution and birds, especially on diving birds (divers), and covering several historical oil spills in Canada. The cleaning of birds is also discussed.

This issue covers bats and bat houses; hot composting; the story of a hummingbird rehabilitated (Squeaktoo); and the Meadowlark Festival in Penticton.

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Wetland size and number is presented for each section of highway, as well as open water, wetland type, and waterfowl counts and importance ratings. A survey of bald eagle nests is also presented.

This conservation plan provides an overview of the birds present within the two IBAs mentioned in the title; discusses issues that may affect these birds and the habitats they use, introduces and highlights initiatives that are addressing these…

This document provides a literature review summarizing the known effects of shellfish aquaculture on intertidal, nearshore, and deep water bird populations and habitats in Baynes Sound. Information concerning temporal changes in aquaculture…

The results of weekly surveys to determine the abundance and distribution of migratory and resident birds on the Baynes Sound-Comox Harbour study area from October 1980-1981.


One side is a poster describing stewardship in Baynes Sound and plants and animals of Baynes Sound ; the other is a map of Baynes Sound streams, wetlands, eelgrass beds, and coastal waterbird survey locations.
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