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This brochure explains how healthy shorelands benefit agricultural operations and help safeguard our fish and wildlife. It was prepared to help farmers ranchers, and other interested landowners to protect their shorelands for long-term environmental…

70 reference sheets for educators conducting the Salmonids in the Classroom program, on such topics as incubation and hatching, feeding, migration, spawning, stream enhancement, hatcheries, fishing, First nation harvest festivals, project evaluation,…

This document reflects an effort to establish a consistent format for the collection of salmonid habitat data across the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, our objectives were to: 1) provide a synthesis of the salmon habitat protocols applicable…

Discusses fish habitat protection, especially the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

This guide describes the origin, purpose and benefits of Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Planning (WFSP), how it is being implemented in BC, and steps for its ongoing improvement. It also describes in detail the four- stage WFSP sequence that…

A brief illustrated booklet discussing stream care, vegetation, runoff, and soils, etc.

This paper outlines how the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) can be involved with local planning initiatives in the management of fish habitat. Protection and compliance, integrated resource planning, research, public consultation, public…

Describes the use of various materials including logs, boulders, woody debris, and tree covers, in fish habitat improvement.
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