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This document provides information for standard data collection, methods and procedures for fish inventories in lakes and streams in B.C.

These outlines provide a scientific background for making ecologically sound habitat assessments concerning 49 species of fish. Taxonomy, ecological data, growth rate, fishery, references, and generalized life cycle, habitat, utilization, and coastal…

This manual provides Washington State Citizens with information necessary to conduct fish and/or fish habitat surveys, and to evaluate the health of their stream. Data collection is also covered. Several species of salmon are covered, as well as…

A Sensitive Habitat and Inventory Mapping survey of Perseverance Creek, with maps.

Describes a fish habitat survey in Oyster Bay streams 5 and 6.

A Sensitive Habitat and Inventory Mapping survey of Arden Creek, with maps.

A Sensitive Habitat and Inventory Mapping survey of Pup Creek, with maps.

A map showing fish presence and fish habitat (salmon and trout); coastline; and several sensitive ecosystems.

A map showing watercourses and fish presence; cadastral (property) boundaries; and several sensitive ecosystems.
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