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The document introduces concepts which accommodate urban development and conserve fishery resources. The objectives of this document are to: describe fishery resources and habitat requirements, provide an outline of land development process in…

Discusses overfishing in the Nile Creek and consequent salmon restoration efforts by Rod Allan. Narrated by Ken Kirkby.

A report on contaminants in the Fraser River. Section 2 reviews contaminant sources. Section 3 contains 10 chapters that summarize contaminant exposure and effects in the basin, sediment transport processes, and the development of biological…

A search for a relationship between suspended sediment pollution and effects on fish and other organisms (benthic invertebrates and algae); includes lethal effects, sublethal effects, and behavioral effects.

A meta-analysis of 80 published and adequately document reports on fish responses to suspended sediment in streams and estuaries; six empirical equations are the result.

This document provides information for standard data collection, methods and procedures for fish inventories in lakes and streams in B.C.


This manual provides Washington State Citizens with information necessary to conduct fish and/or fish habitat surveys, and to evaluate the health of their stream. Data collection is also covered. Several species of salmon are covered, as well as…

A report that summarizes the current scientific knowledge of concentrations of toxic chemicals in the Great lakes, and the associated effects on the fish, humans, and wildlife living in the basin.

A student information and activity supplement to Gently down the stream.
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