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Provides an inventory of Vancouver Island Rainforests, up-to-date since the Ministry of Forest's division of the Island into a series of Tree Farm and Timber Supply areas, and covering fragmentation, depletion, and edge effects among other topics.

Presents preliminary results from a study of historic and current conditions of the ancient temperate rainforests of Vancouver Island.

Lists unlogged watersheds in terms of their productive forest, ownership status (Crown ownership, private ownership, etc.) and area and provides maps.

This report details the background to the establishment of a coastal forest chronosequence experiment that was initiated in 1991 to study the changes caused by converting old-growth coastal temperate forests to managed forests. It includes…

Forecasts the effects of current forecast management practices on timber supply.

Presents, reviews, and assesses the evidence concerning the effects of floodplain logging on channel morphology and channel stability, with emphasis on steep, gravel-bed channels such as Kwois Creek.
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