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This booklet has been written for those people who can most effectively influence rangelands, pastures and riparian areas with their management - ranchers, farmers and livestock producers. The third edition of Riparian Areas and Grazing Management…

This brochure explains how healthy shorelands benefit agricultural operations and help safeguard our fish and wildlife. It was prepared to help farmers ranchers, and other interested landowners to protect their shorelands for long-term environmental…

Provides an overview of watershed systems, specifically watersheds, uplands, and riparian ecosystems, the water cycle, hydrology, water quality, and aquatic biology. Activities ultimately prepare students to conduct field investigations. Background…

This document explores the importance of riparian ecosystems to the broader landscape, and outlines a management strategy to sustain the biological functioning of riparian areas and still provide for other essential human needs. Legal protection and…

A series of spreadsheets identifying for Oyster Bay streams 5 to 6 percent pool area, large woody debris, cover in pool, boulder cover, crown cover, substrate, erosion sites, obstructions, altered stream sites, wetted area, dissolved oxygen, and pH,…

Assesses fish habitat and riparian areas for Oyster Bay stream 5 tributary #2, and discusses the survey and assessment itself.

Describes plant and wildlife habitat in riparian areas, as well as benefits to landowners and legislation applying to landowners.
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