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This manual for the Classroom Incubation Program, which involves raising salmon in a classroom aquarium, explains how to set up your incubator, care for the salmon at different stages of development, and maintain a healthy environment to ensure…

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Describes a proposed policy for salmon habitat restoration.

The Salmon Aquaculture review examined five issues: impacts of escaped farm salmon on wild stocks, disease in wild and farmed fish, environmental impacts of waste discharged from farms, impacts of farms on coastal mammals and other species, and…

A companion booklet to the stage show Salmonpeople, with articles by several authors on topics of salmon farming, hatcheries, farming and agriculutre, water supply, soil, climate change, and clean energy; with script excerpts.

Collects comments on the Urban Salmon Habitat Program (USHP).

A map with photos of salmon fry.


This document provides an outline for completing USHP assessment and mapping projects, and a process for identifying and prioritizing future in-stream and habitat restoration projects.

A kit about salmon, salmon life cycles, stream care, and water, hazardous waste, and including salmon stickers.

This chapter reviews the ecological linkages between anadromous salmon and the productivity of freshwater fish habitat in the Pacific Northwest and outlines the applied aspects of stream, river and pond fertilization as currently practiced in British…
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