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70 reference sheets for educators conducting the Salmonids in the Classroom program, on such topics as incubation and hatching, feeding, migration, spawning, stream enhancement, hatcheries, fishing, First nation harvest festivals, project evaluation,…

Mathematical models to indicate the probable severity of impact and the potential risks to salmonid fishes and their habitat, caused by sediment pollution. Concentration, duration, and ill effect of sediment pollution is covered. The water quality…

This document reflects an effort to establish a consistent format for the collection of salmonid habitat data across the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, our objectives were to: 1) provide a synthesis of the salmon habitat protocols applicable…

Information for the identification of 10 juvenile salmonids found in coastal BC watersheds, with diagrams.


Describes the distribution and migration of six species of Pacific salmon and two species of trout, as well as fishing activity and the Salmonid Enhancment Program (SEP).

A laminated sheet of diagrams for salmon and steelhead trout fry identification; on the reverse is a sheet for algae identification.

A laminated sheet of photographs of juvenile fish, including salmon and trout.


A book of facts and figures about salmonids, their eggs, feeding, and water.

A brief report on a mapping project for Zinger Creek that determined the presence of salmonid species, and which provides a detailed map of Creek #9 watershed and its associated riparian area.

This report gives data on the distribution and abundance of juvenile salmonids within the Courtenay River estuary, from a survey conducted between May and July 1998.


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