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Describes how farming and agriculture affects water, air, and soil pollution.

A report on contaminants in the Fraser River. Section 2 reviews contaminant sources. Section 3 contains 10 chapters that summarize contaminant exposure and effects in the basin, sediment transport processes, and the development of biological…

The first Priority Substances includes 44 substances or groups of substances. For these reports, environmental assessments and human health assessments were completed, and conclusions of whether the substances were considered toxic under the Canadian…

A report that summarizes the current scientific knowledge of concentrations of toxic chemicals in the Great lakes, and the associated effects on the fish, humans, and wildlife living in the basin.

This special 13th edition of the National Geographic is devoted exclusively to fresh water—our use and abuse of it, our potential supply, and our prospects in the future. It contains a number of essays on water supply (ie. Water security),…

Two sheets of paper describing the process of water sampling, including the use and storage of bottles, and log sheets and log books.


This comprehensive report on the Pidgeon Lake Landfill project and surrounding area provides an interpreation of the hydrogeology of the landfill, a description of the groundwater flow system, and the extent of any contaminants present and potential…

This manual facilitates volunteer efforts by providing residents with the information they need to monitor coast waters. Water quality parameters, watershed surveys, beach surveys, marine surveys, storm event monitoring, and data use and storage is…

A report on the Down the Drain program, an expansion of education and remediation efforts to include the population in having an effect on water quality.
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